Typical characteristics that of a mission-driven company:

  • Mission-driven companies have more than a mission statement – they have a beliefs statement. They unequivocally state their core message for why they exist. Everything they do reflects their mission or core beliefs.
  • Values-Based – Great organizations establish values and then take measured action to live those values. Every decision, from hiring to sales, is made through a values-based lens.
  • Demonstrated beliefs through action – Most importantly, mission-driven companies use their mission and values to guide their actions. They use them as the basis for all planning and strategic moves. Press releases, publicity, client service, compensation, etc should all reflect the mission and values of a mission-driven company.
  • People-Centered – Mission-driven companies put people first. They compensate their employees fairly and encourage them to tackle growth and learning opportunities. They also take care of their customers – because employees are taken care of and are hired based on value alignment, customers are taken care of appropriately.
  • Service-Oriented – Mission-driven organizations have service built into their mold. Whether committing a % of bottom line profits to charity or requiring employees to take paid service days, they enforce the value of service in and out of the business environment.
  • Problem-Solvers – At the end of the day, mission-driven organizations solve problems. They have a proven track record of success in solving interesting problems and encouraging their employees to innovate in order to tackle ever greater challenges.