NWIRC Launches New Event for Inventors: The Innovation Roundtable

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Inventor Insights

For several years now, the Northwest Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC) has been hosting Inventor Insights on the first Wednesday of every month at Noon. Each event features a presentation by a subject matter expert on a range of inventor-related topics such as intellectual property, manufacturing, and licensing.

The presentations have always been highly informative and engaging, but many attendees have expressed a desire to also have time to network with each other. Taking this feedback to heart, the NWIRC staff came up with a new event series called Innovation Roundtable that will serve to complement the already successful Inventor Insights.

Innovation Roundtable offers local inventors an opportunity to gather and share their thoughts, experiences and needs on anything related to the world of inventing. From this point forward, Inventor Insights and Innovation Roundtable will both held on the first Wednesday of the month at Noon, but on alternating months. Here’s what the NWIRC says about their new event:

“Over the past 5 years the NWIRC has been on a mission to grow the Inventor community in NW Washington. Great things continue to be on the horizon for 2017 and we want more open innovation where people can take an active role in continuing to build this community of makers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Which is why we are starting a new series of events called Innovation Roundtables. We see this is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to come together to collaborate, design and build products and businesses that will continue to strengthen NW Washington’s economy.”

The first Innovation Roundtable was held on March 1st and there were approximately 20 people in attendance. The event began with each person introducing themselves and it was great to hear about everyone’s background and interests. The majority of time spent at the event was the roundtable discussion where someone would ask a question and then various attendees would share their thoughts. By the end of the event, it seemed that everyone had learned something new as well as made at least one valuable connection, and everyone was eager to return in two months time for the next roundtable discussion.

If you’d like to attend the next Inventor Insights, it will take place on April 5th and the next Innovation Roundtable will be on May 3rd.