Coworking means different things to different people although one pattern remains true:

Coworking is about making the personal choice to work alongside other people instead of in isolation.

For some, coworking is all about the accelerated serendipity that comes from individuals intermixing in-person as opposed to online. For others it’s the motivation and accountability gained from working within a set of peers. And sometimes it’s just a reason to put on some pants and get out of the house in the morning.

Regardless of the definition, coworking is a powerful and exciting way to work, and it’s making some big waves. What started as a simple idea by Brad Neuberg back in 2005 has grown into an inspiring movement that is spreading throughout the world.

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Coworking spaces in Bellingham

Invent Coworking

Invent – 114 West Magnolia Street, Suite 505

Our members have the opportunity to grow their business through collaborations, partnerships, and expanding their business network. We offer every modern convenience you’d want or need in an office. Finally, atop all the existing awesomeness, we sprinkle a variety of tech/startup events for both our members and the larger entrepreneurial community. Learn more…

Upcoming events at Invent Coworking:

Localgroup Studio – 221 Prospect Street

Dedicated to the practice, presentation, and discussion of design in its many forms. In addition to providing designers and coders with a space for coworking, the studio offers platforms for dialogue, collaboration, networking, education, and research. Learn more…

Upcoming events at the Localgroup Studio:

Inactive coworking spaces

Coworking is not just about providing office space, it’s about building community. One of the essential ingredients to building community is for coworking spaces to regularly host both public and member-only events. The following spaces do not have regular public events, so they are listed here as ‘inactive’.