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Why Slack?

  • increases team collaboration
  • people can easily stay engaged in work conversations wherever they are
  • it improves efficiency of meetings
  • facilitates remote teams
  • offers better prioritization of messages
  • helps build team culture

Who Uses Slack?

There are 2 million daily active users of Slack as of December 15th, 2015, some of the noteworthy companies include:

  • Airbnb
  • New York Times
  • Spotify
  • Stripe
  • Eventbrite

Slack in the news:

2016-02-09 ~ Slack Wins A Crunchie For Fastest Rising Startup
2015-10-03 ~ Inc. Names Slack As Their 2015 Company Of The Year
2015-06-04 ~ More than a million people are using Slack every day now